Here is the list of our dedicated Rotary Radio UK presenters; where you can find out their style of show and what Rotary means to them.

Steve Wood - Chairman and Presenter

Steve Wood is a founding member of Rotary Radio UK, a former President of his club (Sittingbourne Invicta) and a fan of the All-American-Songbook!

Since having retired as an Education Recruitment Manager for Kent County Council, Steve is busier than ever with his hobbies of painting, travelling and (especially) radio.

Steve formulated the initial premise for Rotary Radio UK with Studio Manager John Robinson - with both men enjoying community radio and realising the potential of broadcasting Rotary causes and successes over the medium.

As a former President, Steve is keen for Rotary Radio UK to inspire many members to listen-in and take part in helping to build-up and establish our new station, and to attract new members of all ages to Rotary.

A huge fan of the Great-American Songbook; listeners can expect to hear the essential songs of the past 60 years on Steve's show, as well as the latest tracks from the USA.

John Robinson - Director, Presenter and Trainer

John Robinson is the joint founding member of Rotary Radio UK and a Director, Studio Manager, Presenter and Trainer; meaning he is pretty busy around the station. Since retiring, John has worked with a number of community radio stations as a Presenter and also in an advisory and technical capacity.

John enjoys all types of music from the 1950’s to the present day - though if asked to pick his favourite music genre it would be New Country as it crosses over into so many other genres.

He doesn't have much time for presenting these days, although you will hear him occasionally on special days during the year where hopes to win a few converts to his eclectic taste of music!

John is a member of the Rotary Club of Sittingbourne Invicta and is looking forward to reporting on all the good news from his club on the airwaves!

Dave Hatcher - Director and Presenter

David joined the Rotary Club of Medway in 1990 and is no stranger to being involved in media and broadcast activity.

His involvement with radio began as a serving police officer in 1978 when he was appointed to the Force Press Department of Kent Police, producing a monthly programme on BBC local radio, later designing and delivering the first national police training course helping police officers better manage their involvement with the media.

In 1984 David was selected as the senior police presenter on the monthly national television programme BBC Crimewatch UK, continuing that involvement for 15yrs alongside his day to day police command role. 

David will be presenting programmes that include a wide range of musical tastes, old and more recent material, interspersed with news and comment about what is happening in Rotary locally and nationally.

In addition, he will be featuring project material that illustrates the diversity of Rotary in helping others, be it with the pet project he founded in 2009, Rotary Children’s Hospice Family Holidays to Disneyland Paris or his other main volunteering role for ShelterBox Humanitarian Aid Charity, delivering shelter and other non food items to beneficiaries in disasters around the globe.

He sees the potential for Rotary Radio UK to become a vital communication aid for Rotarians and the general public, to raise awareness about the value of Rotary. 

David has been made a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow for his charity work with disabled youngsters and wants to share the sense of fulfilment this provides to inspire other like minded potential Rotarians to experience the same sense of satisfaction.

Suki Calder - Presenter

I love radio; from a little girl listening while washing up with my Dad, through the years of being a student, a young mum, preparing lesson plans for my class, radio has been a constant companion.

I have followed Rock bands and singers all my life and have been fortunate to have met some of my idols, even danced on stage with The Rolling Stones!

I was fortunate while living in Cyprus to have the best job of ‘Goffa’  for DJ broadcaster Charly Lowndes on BFBS, British Forces Broadcasting Service - I loved it! So when I was offered the chance to play my music here on Rotary Radio UK  I grabbed the opportunity.

I love the power and passion of Rock, some is simple and some complicated, all Rock, from soft and classic to hard and metal has the ability to move me. That’s what music does...

Russ Hughes - Presenter

Originally from North Wales (Flint). Russ moved from Leeds to Kent in 2011, retiring from full-time work as an Occupational Therapy Technician three years ago.

Russ has played guitar and sung since his early teenage years. As well as playing gigs all around the North Wales coast and Cheshire in the late 60’s, his band provided backing and warm up acts for other groups, notably The Marmalade at The Civic, Connah’s Quay, North Wales when they were at No 1 in the UK charts with Ob La Di, and Status Quo at the Royal Lido, Prestatyn, North Wales.

After developing a love for contemporary folk music, Russ became heavily involved with the Northern folk scene in Yorkshire, initially as part of the folk group Black Velvet and later as a solo artist, as well as running his own folk club near Leeds until re-locating to Kent.

Although contemporary folk music is a passion, Russ has a diverse and eclectic music collection and enjoys being able to share his music choices presenting two shows weekly for listeners of Rotary Radio UK.

Gwen Jones - Presenter

Gwen is host of Rotary Radio UK’s Greetings from America is a veteran producer, broadcast radio personality, jingle and voiceover artist, Jazz vocalist, stage and screen actor with 40+ years of experience in the Performing Arts. She began her stage career at age eight as Baby June in the Queen Anne High School production of Gypsy under the direction and tutelage of her father, Walter Jones. Gwen went on to study acting at the Jean Shelton School of Acting in San Francisco and UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television in Los Angeles, California.


Gwen joined Rotary in 2012 and is the Public Image Director and Past President for the Rotary Club of Whidbey Westside located on Whidbey Island, Washington, US. She is also the creator, producer, and host of the I’m A Rotarian podcast where she shares stories of the extraordinary people who proudly call themselves Rotarians. Founded in 2019, the IAR podcast can be heard on iTunes, Spotify and all major podcast platforms. Gwen is delighted to bring her unique musical point of view, eclectic style, and love of Rotary, together to entertain and inform audiences from across the pond. 


Mary Gunner - Secretary and Presenter

I have been a Rotarian for 19 years and was a founder member and past President of Maidstone Dawn Patrol Rotary Club which chartered in 2002.    I am also currently the Club Secretary.

Rotary has been a large part of my life and I have made many lifelong friends.  During my years in Rotary, Maidstone Dawn Patrol has been involved in many projects but my passion has been supporting The Women’s Refuge and Dawn Patrol  in their efforts to promote Domestic Violence awareness.

Prior to retirement and for most of my working life I was employed in the legal profession working alongside Solicitors and Barristers and very much enjoyed helping people.

My love of music stretches from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to date and is mostly from musicals and musical theatre.  From a young age I loved watching all the golden era of the Hollywood musicals & dance routines. Homework was always carried out listening to pirate radio or programmes such as two-way family favourites. I love going to the theatre and try to see as many shows and concerts as much as I can.   I also love Jazz, blues and opera.

Although I never intended to become a Rotary Radio Presenter, I was encouraged to try it whilst paying a visit to the newly opened studio at the Oast and was delighted when I was asked to return and train to become a presenter.  I am looking forward to sharing my love of music with all our listeners and of course promoting Rotary as much as possible.

Bryan Vizzard - Presenter

Bryan is a member of Maidstone Dawn Patrol Rotary Club.  He joined Rotary after he was asked to become an honorary member of the club when his wife was District Governor.  He became a full member instead and enjoys the service and in particular the vocational work.  He has also served as an Assistant Governor in the District.  

Radio broadcasting came to Bryan late in life and by accident. His wife was helping at Rotary Radio UK in its early years and, as they were going on to a youth competition, he went with her. This is where he met Steve Wood for the first time who asked if I would like to “have a go” with the microphone. A few years on from that first attempt and he now presents three shows each week on Rotary Radio UK. 

Always being a jazz fan, it was an easy choice to present a jazz show. Then it appeared that there was not any radio shows catering for the older generation who remember back before the sixties. The days of the fifties when rock and roll was in its infancy. Even before that when ballads were so popular. His Thursday lunch time show caters for them. He also presents a late-night jazz show for those of us who have trouble sleeping. If this is you, then you can listen to smooth jazz into the early hours.

Richard Talbot - Director and Presenter

Richard has loved music all of his life.

Currently working in IT for an international Business Solutions Manufacturer Richard also loves presenting on the radio and sharing his passion for music.

After Joining the Rotary Club of Arbury and then joining the Vocational Committee  he was involved with a number of fund raising events including “Reach For Your Star” a Talent show which helped to launch people into the entertainment industry and at the same time raising funds for The local Hospice, Stroke Association and The Mayors appeal supporting MENCAP.

During this time Richard became a volunteer for Nuneaton Hospital Radio and worked as a presenter and outside broadcaster for over fifteen years. 

Richard loves his armchair style of  presenting on Rotary Radio and enjoys the thrill of sharing his varied tastes in music from the 60's to Power Ballads to blockbuster movie themes.

Terry De la fuente - Presenter

The son of a piano tuner & restorer, music has always been in my life. My cousin, once removed, was Leo Delafuente, who was a jazz band leader in the Netherlands until he lost his life in the concentration camp in 1942.

I worked with my father in the family business in my twenties and was sales manager for Chappell's the music publisher when I was 25 and my claim to fame was riding in the lift at Chappell's with Andy Williams. 

I joined the NHS at thirty. Trained as an operating theatre technician and spent nine years as an anaesthetic technician before doing my degree in nursing. I subsequently went to Trafford General hospital in Manchester as the senior nurse manager in their operating theatre. 

During my time at Trafford General I joined Radio Wishing Well doing a two hours evening jazz show once a week for many years until I retired. 

When I retired I wanted to do something useful and contacted my local Rotary club for more information. I was invited to a meeting in 2008 and subsequently joined. I was club president in 2012/13 and again in 2019/20 and remain an active member and have been Father Christmas this  year.

Steve Twaites - Presenter

I can't remember a time when I wasn't listening to the radio. Music has always been a hugely important part of my life and radio was and still remains one of the best ways to listen to music.

When I was young the main source of new music was the radio and one of the great joys of radio is that you never quite know what is coming next.  These days we can virtually listen to whatever we want whenever we want but radio still has the ability to surprise and delight us with the unexpected.

I listen to all kinds of music and I play rock, indie, blues, soul, reggae, dance and anything else that is a little bit different. Why not join me at 3pm each Thursday afternoon for an interesting and varied hour of music.

John Chesworth - Presenter

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Tamworth, in Staffordshire, and have been involved in radio presenting since late 2018.  I was persuaded to get involved with my local community station, Radio Tamworth, as a presenter and now also broadcast on a couple of internet based stations. I am now also Station Manager at Radio Tamworth, so what started out as a hobby has somewhat developed! If I'm honest, I really wish that I'd got involved a lot earlier!

I was initially introduced to Rotary Radio UK by fellow presenter Richard Talbot, who approached me at one of our Club events. I've always loved music, in particular the 80s, and my 'Back to the 80s' show will hopefully show you why.