About Us

Based at The Oast in Sittingbourne, Kent - our station is designed to entertain everyone, spreading the news of Rotary successes, raising the Rotary profile and encouraging potential members to join the cause of 'Service Above Self'.

Music shows from our team of Rotary Radio UK presenters cater for all tastes – Classical, Pop, Jazz, Easy Listening, Country; we play it!

We broadcast Quiz Shows, Travel Shows and a whole variety of general Interest content. We feature guests from throughout Rotary and other vital and progressive causes seeking to improve the lot of people across the World; Listen out for our interviews.

We broadcast music and features attractive to the young people every Rotary club seeks as members, So tell them to tune in now and Rotary Radio UK will do the rest!

A part YOU can play to help us build our audience is to SPREAD THE WORD!

With your Facebook, Twitter and emails - tell everyone Rotary Radio UK is happening and is ready to receive news of your club's projects!

We are Rotary Radio UK and we are here to entertain and spread the good news about Rotary across the World.