Listen Here

Here you will find details of the various ways you can listen to Rotary Radio UK whether your device is a PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Internet Radio or a Smart Speaker.

Listening on a PC or Laptop

This button provides a direct link to our internet stream and is designed for PC and Laptop listeners, however, if you are connecting via WiFi it can be used on all devices.

The Rotary Radio UK Android App

The Rotary Radio UK App is now available and is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android Smartphone and Tablet users. The Apple version of the App is still under construction and will be available from the Apple App Store shortly.

Radio Directory Apps

We are on many radio directory platforms including myTuner Radio, Radioline, Streema, UK Radio, Radio UK and Shoutcast. These all have apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store which can be downloaded free to your Tablet or Smartphone. Once installed search for Rotary Radio UK and when you find us be sure to mark us as one of your favourite stations. These radio directory platforms can also be used direct from their websites.

Amazon Echo

We can be easily accessed on the Amazon Echo.

Just go to the Alexa app which controls your Echo. Top left hand corner is a three line menu. Select Skills and Games and search for Rotary Radio. Enable this skill.

Then say 'Alexa play Rotary Radio.' Alexa will respond 'Enjoy' and our output will commence.

Internet Radios and Other Smart Speakers (e.g. Sonos)

The following url can be entered directly on to Internet Radios and other Smart Speakers such as Sonos. As the process will vary from device to device please follow manufacturers instructions. The url is as follows: